Adnan Zey was born on the 7th of January in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia and is the eldest of two children. Growing up he played soccer and competition bowling.

From a young age “Ads” (as his friends liked to call him) was obsessed with telling stories. His story telling ability began to develop through small comedy shows that he would create for his family’s enjoyment. This passion of story telling lead to a love of reading books and developed his understanding of how characters come to life, his favourite book series being Harry Potter by JK Rowling. Through reading this series Ads took on the role of a wizard and always thought he really was one at heart (mostly when he would make the traffic lights change colour).

Ads attended his first part time course at NIDA and fell in love with acting on a deeper level, later going on to Graduate a 2 year full time diploma course from Screenwise. Meeting the most amazing people and learning from some of the film industries greats such as Denise Roberts, Alan Flower, John Jarratt and Philip Quast has now made him a qualified actor.

Ads most notable work was his award winning short film “Pillow Talk”. Winning the audience choice award in 2016.

Acting is his passion. People often ask him why he wants to be an actor, the response he always shares is that:-

“There is no better fulfillment than building characters and creating a world for them to live. By using my acting skills I can bring a character to life giving me a chance to change someones mood through my performance and at the end of the day all I want to do is make people feel something real”.

This year as well as auditioning for a variety of roles, some of his larger projects include working on developing his own short films. The writing is completed and will be staring him. Ads has realised the importance of creating his own content and is starting to make a name for himself in the digital media world increasing his exposure in the industry.

He is also the co-star of a podcast called “out of shot podcast” giving movies reviews from the perspective of directors and actors. Each week they review films and television shows.

Link – out of shot podcast (podbean)

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