Isolated Actor

I have decided to start my own little show, following my time in self isolation in this crazy time of coronavirus. I was going to start a standard Vlog format but it has evolved, I started shooting it on my own and I realised I needed something different because everyone is doing it atm.

As an actor I have developed a few characters in my head, some of them I have used in. my own sort parody videos. so I have taken one of those characters “Abdul” and I have a small skit show with him/me on my YouTube channel, he causes some mischief on these short form videos. If you would like a laugh then I will have a link to the on my video page link on my website. also bellow ⬇️.

I have also started a cooking show with my girlfriend which is also a bit of a laugh, check out out enjoy.

stay home, stay safe and most importantly stay sane.

Our cooking show –

My Show –

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