Getting The Reef… Break.


Researching a role is key, but do you research the project before going in?. A few weeks ago I went for an audition for a tv series, out of sheer habit I didn’t read into the project just the role. I went into to read for it and only after I left and went to work the next day did I think to look up who was even in the series and turns out it wasn’t something small.

Which brings me to this topic. I am so glad I don’t look up things before going in, even though it can be helpful. In this case I think nerves would have gotten the better of me if I knew the project before going for it. Even though I was taught to forget an audition once I leave the room I still held out a tiny bit of hope, a week had gone by and there was no call back or any news from them, so I decided to forget about the project for good. Yet In the audition room I was given more scripts to show a little more of the character, I felt made me stand out. I wasn’t sure what I could have improved on.

Turns out the day I given up on getting it, I got the job with no call back needed. To say I was over the moon would be an understatement, to book a paying job is great. To book a paying US job… that blew me away. Even if it doesn’t amount too much screen time, I was beyond happy that after all these years of auditions for commercials and web shows. my first US audition I book.

They flew me to the Gold Coast, I shoot for 3 days in total, had a blast doing so. I had the pleasure of working with the leading cast members which from a fans standpoint was awesome and from an actors standpoint will be great for the resume. Just being able to network with everyone on set, Seeing what a large production is like only made me more hungry to do this. I  built those relationships so that I can get more chance to audition for bigger roles so that this can be my full time job. I even sent out thank you cards which made them not only think of me but they invited me back to shoot scenes that could have been done by my stunt guy. yeah I had a stunt guy.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. The series is called “Reek break” on the US ABC and Hulu, which will be coming out this week of posting, I’m in episode 7, let’s hope they don’t cut my scenes.

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