Lessons Still To Be Learned

Over the last few weeks things have been picking up and I’ve been auditioning a lot more and booking in more gigs. But just a few days ago I learned a valuable lesson. I can’t say what the role was but what I can say is it was a TVS and the audition consisted of 1 line but there was a bit of action involved. I went in thinking that I could take a prop that would not only assist me in the scene but, more importantly make me stand out from everyone else who isn’t bringing something like that to the character.

You see at home if It was a self tape I would have made the choice to film the scene with my prop as I know what it could bring. At the office of a casting director is different, They didn’t feel it was necessary for the scene. I tried to explain how I thought it would tell the story better but it didn’t work. They were pretty set in their way of what they wanted to see.  It was all very clinical, before even starting the scene I was told what I should be doing, emotions I should be showing and things like that.

My lesson learned after leaving that audition was never assume to know what you’re going to be right in a casting room and always be ready to do anything. much like being loose with the actions on a scripts, never get locked into one way of doing things. It’s understandable that after a full day of seeing the same thing over and over again they’re over it and just wanted to get everyone out as fast as possible. If I could go back I would just try the scene my way first and not explain why I think it would be a good idea.


I’d love the hear if anyone else has any stories and more importantly lessons they learned from the casting room.Blue neon sign with comedy text on wall

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