Last Minute Actor

As strange as it sounds this blog is not about me being late to every acting job or me being the next Jack Bauer (I wish). In fact it’s the opposite, lately I’ve come to realise that all the roles I’ve been getting have actually been at the last minute, sometimes because the person originally hired for the job dropped out and sometimes because they just couldn’t find the right person (till they met me).

I recently got a role for a web series. I had auditioned for another role in the series and was unsuccessful, months had gone by and I didn’t think anything of it but turns out they called me at (you guessed it) the last minute to fill a small role. I applied for a corporate gig, it was a last minute hire, 2 days later I was shooting and a big betting company in Australia was doing a Photoshoot, I was hired less than 12 hours before the shoot.

This goes all the way back to applying for drama school, I didn’t actually get in at first. I got a call saying sorry but they weren’t going with me and that I would be the first call if anyone pulled out. I was like yeah okay whatever, so I moved on with my life and applied for a psychology course because I thought it was close enough to acting in regards to understanding the mind and characters, I got accepted into the course and right before accepting I got the call from drama school offering me a place!

Sometimes I think it’s luck and other times I think shit, they must have been desperate to give me a go. I guess it depends on my mindset at the time, which lately hasn’t been so good. Losing someone in my life hasn’t been easy, being that it was right at the hight of the Christmas holiday season. It made it really hard for me. Even now just writing about it I’m not sure I’m ready, but I can’t think of another outlet that will help better than the written word.

It wasn’t a surprise, I knew it was coming for a while. I felt some what at ease that she was no longer suffering, but sad that I lost someone near and dear to my heart. I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s. It also sparked something inside, well maybe I should say there was a lack thereof spark. I lost her – then I lost myself.

I know, what a depressing turn of events right! She believed in me so much that she thought I would be James Bond one day. I have been ready to give up this dream for a while but something snapped in me, so I’m officially putting the final touches on the script for my own short film, I’m going to shoot it this year and I’m going to travel to the US and make this happen. No more sitting on the Australian sidelines hoping that they think I’m not too “diverse looking” to give me a go. I won’t be just one of the three go to “diverse actors” they have on speed dial for the role. It’s my time – I’m not just the last minute call, not that it’s a bad thing because I’m still getting paid. It’s just time I make myself the first call.

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