lately I’ve had a little hardship in life that has made me loose focus on my internal compass. I want to focus whole heartily on acting but in the same thought I don’t want to be working a retail job the rest of my life but I don’t really have any other skills to fall back on. 

I have those seeds of doubt tell me I should have picked a different career path and gotten into acting at a later time. I know so many people now who have a skill or a degree and they have moved into tv and film and it’s ridiculous. Aussie tv thrives of reality shows, which takes jobs from those actors who have studied the craft.

Knowing what to do is hard, so my first thought was investing in something, like a house/apartment that will work for me and will help build my future. That way I can keep moving forward with my work as an actor. But some parts of me just say leave acting for a few years focus on something that will build a life first and come back to acting when my life is in a better place. But is there ever a good time ?!

A couple of times now I’ve mistakenly passed up on jobs that were offered to me because I was already involved with another project, then seeing those roles lead the actors that took them into a good place. I honestly feel like I’ve gotten no where in the business, because as soon as you turn around for a second the industry forgets all about you and everyone seems to have the same skill set so its not hard to get someone else to take on the role. 

I keep getting told to create my own content and as much as that will help I think it’s time I make some serious plans to go to L.A for pilot season. Its coming up soon and I think if I can meet some people over there it can be a big step in my career. 

I’d love to hear how your time is going in the acting industry? What things you’ve had to overcome if any ? And most of all what great moments you’ve had ?

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