Acting, ill.

The last few weeks have been a real test for me, its the first time I’ve been really sick to the point it started to affect my acting/auditioning, prior to getting sick I was working by day, shooting a film by night for I don’t even know how long but as I took a second to sit and catch my breath so to speak. I ended up getting a server case of man-flu. It’s a real thing, look It up.

I haven’t had a chance to get to any networking events but I’m still keeping in contact with people and I’m still lining up roles from contacts I’ve made from those events. I wont lie now that I’m on the mend I’m only just realising that I didn’t even think about networking. I just enjoyed to break from he world.

The hardest part was loosing my voice and the inability to talk for an audition I had, luckily they gave me a few extra days. Another one I had to reschedule and they were kind enough to even offer me the option of doing a self tape for them. 

I beat myself up over not putting in a 100% even when I’m sick and I know it’s fine to be sick, it happens to all of us. This all comes back to making sure my mental game is strong. Having some time off was really a blessing for me because I had also just lost out on a big part in a series a week prior, I was really hoping for it and it could have really pushed my career leaps and bounds. 

Taking a loss of a role can be hard, it’s like getting that dream job in sight that will be a huge stepping stone in your career to make it to the top of your aspirations. As an actor we go for those roles all the time. Even though I thought I had the thickest skin turns out I was wrong. But like I said having the time off served me well because I feel much better, theres never a lack of dream jobs or work for an actor. Something is always bound to come up for me and all the rest of you aspiring actors. 

As for network I am back into it and I shot a short Mocumentary this week. 

I’d love to hear your journey and how you deal with being sick. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

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