Starting to make YouTube content, I realise that it takes a certain amount of artistic vision, patients and a lot of time to edit footage make it look and sound the way you want.

My content is basically skit videos for YouTube, learning how to edit in the process and learning how to film content all on my own is an intense task because I’m now not only thinking about my performance but the continuity on the cuts between scenes, the lighting and especially sound. Sound has been my biggest downfall thus far as I live in suburban Sydney and when I film is usually day, I live close to a highway, I have loud neighbours and dogs or birds constantly ruining a shot. Or I simply didn’t turn on my microphone, D’oh.

Watching myself back doing this is similar to a self tape though I get to cut into this and changed a scene out if I don’t like it. the problem with me is most of the content I’ve shot is of the top of my head so when I think about it as I edit I constantly think of more funny material to add to them. I’ve caught myself a couple of times dropping the ball from a scene that just wasn’t working and I’ve have to cut it out because it didn’t match the characters level from the cut before it. it can sometimes work in your favour but in this case it didn’t and I’ve lost really funny bits from it.

I think this has been a real big help with my consistence in a scene as now that I’m cutting I see how it all works and the process of the edit and not always being able to use my favourite scene or watching how the last scene I sot is now my opening scene and how editing can change a story line. it’s kind of blown me away watching a scene thinking this part doesn’t fit like I thought it would and realising that moving it shift the whole tone of the video and can either make it funny or terrible.

behind the scenes is such a beautiful process in itself and I’m really loving the whole thing so far even the hard things that come with learning how to do it. the beautiful thing now days is that if I need to know something then all I have to do is watch a video on it. I couldn’t even count off the top of my head how many videos I watched on how to edit, do headings or basically anything really but I’m really happy with what I’ve been making and its a challenge and something new and I love both,

I really love watching creators on youtube and I draw a lot of inspiration from them. I admire the world we live in that some people can just make review videos or basically anything and people will watch it and you can eventually make money from it.

My goal isn’t money, my goal is to entertain, if one day I do start making money from it then yeah that would be cool but for now I’m in the stages of learning and loving I the fact I get to make It all and say thats mine and letting people see who I am with my content.

Here are a couple of the videos I’ve made so far, Enjoy. don’t forget to subscribe and like them. I’ll be making them often.

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