Crazy Time

I’ve never felt time move as fast as it is moving now. I feel like I have no time to do anything, yet somehow I’m getting stuff done. Since I’ve been back from my holiday, one day has bled into the next. When I’m not working my ‘normal’ job I’m auditioning for new projects. Times are getting much better with auditions and callbacks increasing, I’m sure this is due to getting myself out there and networking to make new contacts. Lets be real when I say ‘myself’ I mean when my girlfriend who’s basically a marketing genius, explained to me the importance of going, I forgot how necessary networking is in this industry until she reminded me and now its taken my acting career to new places. I’ve taken all the things I’ve been writing about over the past year and really put them into action. I haven’t made a huge name for myself yet.. but, I am on my way. 
As much as I miss free time, its so much more rewarding getting things done. Though its not always what I expect it to be, I want to be working more on my YouTube content. I keep talking about it and I’ve put so much time into writing it that I need to start shooting something already. I get sidetracked with other shoots so easily because I feel its mine I can just leave it till later, much like my homework in high school. This needs to change and i have started setting aside 1 day a week just to work on my own projects, I’ll keep you posted if this changes anything. My self tapes are going well, over time I’ve been able to watch my work back and see what has been working and what hasn’t. I am feeling more confident with my work and I’ve been focusing on my comedic content.


I’ll be getting back on track with Blog. Heres a few little shoots I did recently which was good fun to shoot for you all to check out:-
I have two events coming up one is a masterclass workshop just to sharpen up my skills, get some new tools and make connections – so I will let you know how that goes! I’m looking forward to talking with like minded people in the acting community and hopefully we can see more diverse characters in our small market here in Australia.
Stay tuned, I have some announcements over the coming weeks for short films and there are some callbacks I’m on hold for. I look forward to sharing much more of my journey with you and I would love to read and hear more about yours.

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