Actor On Holiday


I had a crazy few weeks exploring the world with my cousin, seeing new things, learning about what’s out there and figuring out who I am along the way. Going for multiple auditions and only booking a few roles can really get you down so it’s great to see the world , I felt like it helped me fast track as a person.

The main reason for my trip wasn’t just to get away but to see my grandmother who isn’t well. The trip started out with a 32 hour flight to Cyprus which was a killer. No one in Cyprus knew I was going and when I saw my family, most of whom I hadn’t seen in 10 years, it was an emotional meeting especially when I saw my grandmother. Re connecting with overseas relatives is one of the best experiences you can do just seeing how their lives have all changed was amazing.

Most of my cousins my age are married, have kids and live far from the village my family is from. Which was the biggest revelation for me. I never thought things would change that much but seeing it firsthand I felt like I was out of place, it wasn’t the place I remembered, from when I lived in Cyprus for a year. It forced me to see and reflect on all the change I’ve been through in the past 10 years. There has been so much change in my life and yet it does not feel like I am any different.

my uncle and I
My uncle and I

Traveling to London and Turkey was awesome. I got to see so much culture and history. Turkey held a special place in my heart, it was so beautiful, going to the Grand Bazaar was insane, there was someone trying to sell you something every step you took. Speaking of steps – I walked into a store thinking it had a floor and it was nothing but steps! I fell about 6 steps before I got my footing back and grabbed onto the wall of shoes to save myself, that could have ended very badly! The food in turkey was incredible, the best dishes I had on the whole trip were in turkey and it was some of the most simplest foods too and one was a simple lentil soup. Seeing the mosques, the Christian influence from when they were churches and all the man power going into it was crazy. If you are ever in Turkey, do yourself a favour and go to a Turkish bath house. Hands down the best thing I did there.

Grand Bazaar

Going to London was strangely familiar, it was like being back in Sydney. I did not really feel like a holiday, seeing the sights in the city was truly beautiful but I did not get that sense of wonder like I did in Turkey.


I feel more in focus with who I am after this trip but on the flip side of that my career was on hold and ever since I’ve been back I’ve had the post-holiday blues. I miss being in Cyprus (a farming country) it doesn’t have massive cities like we do here in Sydney and traffic is only becoming a problem for them now. Cyprus is one of those places where people go to work, don’t make much money but are happy in life. I know that it is not the same for me. I sometimes feel the pressures of the city life on me, working hard to make an income, not getting a chance to see all my family and friends because I am on the grind all day every day.

Not to say it’s bad because since I’ve been back it’s been peddle to the metal with auditions, self-tapes and call backs. It’s been great, I’ve just neglected my Blog which is something I enjoy doing so much, so sorry guys but I am back, kicking my creative side back into gear.

A little update on me:

  • I’ve already shot a short film since being back
  • I am in the final stages for my YouTube content and will be shooting in the coming weeks.
  • I have officially been with my girlfriend for a year now.

That’s been my life the past 2 months, I hope you’re all going okay on your journey and if any of you are feeling down from not getting auditions a holiday might help!

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  1. Cyprus is an amazing place to be for holidays. I still remember my days there. Those were the best days of my life. Very mesmerizing. Hope you enjoyed your vacation!


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