I absolutely love getting new headshots. I only do it once a year but its one of my favourite parts of being in this business. Especially this time, I had a great photographer taking my shots. I love how they came out.

I love photos in general, I really can’t get enough of black and white filters either. If you haven’t noticed on most of my blogs featured picture. Including this one. There’s something about colourless pictures that really intrigue me, trying to fill in the colours in my mind, later to see the image in colour only to be blow away by the beautiful and difference it can make.


Showing who you are and who you can be as a character in a single photo is sometimes a scary thing but also exciting. I love the vulnerability and the confidence you can feel all at the same time. I enjoy showing those sides of myself, It makes me feel like a teen girl getting the perfect insta shot.

This time was a little different than all the other headshots I’ve had, it was a very relaxed and fun day. I didn’t feel was getting photos taken and I had to do all these different looks that is just the generic thing a photographer usually asks you to do.

As an actor it’s important to have a variety of different looks. I highly recommend staying up to date with your look. You don’t always need professional photographers taking them as long as they look good and show you off in the best possible light.


Let me know your thoughts. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

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