Brush off the Acting Dust

When you leave something sitting for a few weeks it starts to build up dust. The same can be said for you tools as an actor, well it is for me anyway.  

I try and keep my tools working, so I don’t forget how to use them but lately I get so caught up with life. A day snowballs into a week then a week into a month. Realistically I should keep myself in check and not give myself excuses like I’m tired. I let work get the better of me and I really shouldn’t.  

I’ve given myself a task, to do at least one thing a week to keep my skills up to scratch. I’ve decided to do some self-tapes. They’re definitely my go to thing to keep up with my skills. I think it’s a great tool especially since it can be done alone, with a monologue.  

A great tip is to do it with a bunch of like-minded friends, have a “self-tape party”. It keeps all of you refreshed with your skills but you can also give each other notes/feedback rather than you constantly doing self-analysis. Having someone tell you when you have a little tick or you’re not completely trying to get what you want, can be more eye opening than doing it alone. 

I also love to write my own scripts when doing self-tapes. I actually created my own piece for a self-tape that got me into drama school. They’re short and not only do they help me with keeping my acting skills sharp, they are developing my writing skills and it helps me in not fearing my dyslexia. I don’t believe in just one form of creativity so I think it’s a great way to see what the mind of a writer thinks when building characters.  

I’d love to hear what you use to keep up your skills, do you make films? YouTube content? Or something completely different like talk to strangers on a bus in character? Email me and let me know.  


Thanks for reading.  


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