Finding The Right Agent

Some people find it easy and some hard, I was the latter. When I graduated drama school, I like many other actors after a few years in the comfort of a school atmosphere assume agents will just want me and then my career would take off. It wasn’t like that at all. I had peaked a few agents interest at first from my graduating performance but it didn’t pan out, one I almost signed with went bust and others simply never returned my emails.  

I spent a few months emailing agents, creating content just to send to them, I even met casting directors just to get my foot in the door and make me more appealing. The agencies I met with that expressed interest were decent but I didn’t think they had my best interest at heart. Ultimately, we have to work well together in order to thrive. I didn’t want to be just another number on someone’s books. I wanted to stand out and be different from the crowd.  

I also had a couple of bad responses from agents, I was more or less told by them that they couldn’t market me in the Australian market because of the way I look. It was responses like that, that really disheartened me. I had only just left drama school and I was being told I wouldn’t get work. It was horrible to hear. So, I’m glad I didn’t take that agent on. I brushed off that depressing moment and decided I wasn’t going to give up just because of what a couple of agents have said. If anything, that sort of talk from people only becomes fuel me drives harder towards my goals.   

Eventually when I met my agent, we clicked straight away, we met up and spoke for hours on end and it was great. He saw what I wanted. He has great knowledge of the industry in Australia. I wasn’t just going to be another number in his books and above all he had faith in me and still does now. That’s all the things I was looking for from an agent. 

I think it’s so important to have trust and respect for one another and to always be in contact. Don’t ever be forgotten. 

I think an agent needs a good understanding of the industry but also a great relationship with casting directors, directors, producers and etc. More importantly at the end of the day I need to impress everyone I meet and I need to leave them wanting more to ensure I get the job.  

I’d love to hear your thoughts on agents and what your experience has been like with them, if any. In the comment section below.  

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