The Cliché Game

The past week has been good to me. I’ve had 4 auditions, one tv pilot, one short film and two commercials. Now comes the cliché of “the waiting game” to see if I get any of the roles. It is often the hardest part of being an actor. As often as I say to myself “just let it go and don’t think about it again” I have people around me who support me always asking how I went (not to say that’s a bad thing, I love the support) and it makes me constantly think of it and makes me want it every time.  

Learning to let go of a role after I leave an audition can sometimes be hard. Granted commercials are easier to walk out of than film or tv roles. Nevertheless, sometimes you do get excited, its only human nature. 

I try to just stay focused on the next project or upcoming audition, which keeps me on my toes as it is. I feel like my training during drama school of constant conditioning towards auditions helped me let go of a role once I walked out the door. I find getting hung up on a role can get me down and it’s so easy to get that way in this industry, when being so hopeful of a character I’d love to play. But I know that the role will go to the person who can best bring the character to life. 

Even if I don’t have another project or audition coming up I try to keep myself busy. Self-tapes are a great way and writing my own content which might I add is almost ready to go into production. These are some of my ways of staying on track and not giving into the waiting game.  

I’d love to hear from you and what some of your techniques are. 

I would also like to take this time to say a big thank you to all my readers/followers. I made the top 20 acting blogs on feedspot . You can go to this link to see . I’m glad you all enjoy reading this blog and I am looking forward to writing more. If anyone wants me to write about anything in particular about my journey and about being an actor let me know in the comments or email through my website I’d love to know your thoughts.  

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