Tales of a Procrastinator

I’ve been procrastinating my whole life. It first started at a young age, my mother would  sit next to me when I was doing my homework to keep me focused on the task at hand and that’s still a problem today.

The last few weeks I’ve been so busy with my retail job that my acting has hit the bench. My creative side only comes out in sparing moments (when I have time). I have fallen into the trap of letting myself think that my career will take care of itself, while I work my “normal job”.

I spoke about not falling into a trap like this in a previous blog (Working That “Normal Job”) but now that I‘m in it, I thought I‘d share what it’s like.

I’ve been so busy I hardly give myself time to sleep. I’m still writing but I don’t feel as accomplished because I haven’t filmed anything recently.

Having a paying job with the safety net of stable work and income has side tracked my true calling. The the good thing about being at a normal job has been befriending colleagues. I love making new friends but I don’t get to have “actor talk” with them like I would other friends who are in the industry. So, I get distracted easily from talking about the processes I go through or even things like staying current with acting information such as events, workshops, self-tape nights, projects coming up and things of that nature that would keep me involved within the industry. 

I understand that it’s okay to procrastinate from time to time, we all need to decompress from the sometimes-harsh industry we strive to work in. I’m learning this process the hard way which is usually the only way I learn how to do things. In saying that I know what I am doing now and can bring myself back and motivate myself to get back into gear to keep writing, always film something even if it’s just a self-tape and carry on with my podcast.  

I hope this is helpful to at least one person. Knowing is the first step to doing something about it and we should all be doing what is truly calling to us. 

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