I had always seen becoming an actor as a formula to a journey that is timeless, go to drama school, put in that sheer hard work and you will get noticed. But the more we head into the future with new and improved technology with things like really good cameras that are easily affordable now and places that your content will be seen like YouTube and Vimeo, the more I see the formula I thought would get me places is becoming a thing of the past for the younger generations.

I watch tv and most Aussie tv shows are reality based, all the people being put on those shows are finding themselves in tv in acting roles. Not only that but social media stars are making it to the big and small screen. You see when you have a couple of hundred thousand followers production companies want those followers looking at their product, I would too. It’s a smart way to get great ratings instantly.

In saying that I’m also seeing less compelling roles from those people, because most people are just being themselves it’s very easy to pigeonhole them into that particular style.

I personally love seeing actors taking risks, take Robin Williams for example, everyone knows him as the funny man but then we see him take on the role of Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting and win an Academy Award for best supporting actor. Actors like that are what I strive to be like, ones who break out of their comfort zones and change the perceptions of their audience.

I’d love to see more people coming from social media fame to be able to give me that same feeling. I would also love to produce that same feeling from the audience as I am starting to create my own content for YouTube at the moment.

On that note I would also like to announce that my acting blog will be posted fortnightly and there will something special to me coming. I will be posting about it all next week.

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