Building the Ads brand

Building my brand has been a journey in itself. One of the paths I’m taking is doing a podcast with good friends. These podcasts are created by my good friend Scott Sowter and I, this fun little podcast is all about us reviewing films, the creative side of the film industry.

In the podcast we give insight on how scenes are done but mostly review new and upcoming films/shows. It’s a fun podcast to be a part of because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. We often have guests on the show who are also in the film industry. In each episode we do a top 10 or top 5 of different things in films, documentaries, tv and animation.


Other ways I have been building my brand is through this blog, and it has become one of my favourite things to do in terms of expressing myself because I enjoy sharing my story.

Coming up in my future I have many things planned to help build my brand. One of these is a short film that I not only plan on acting in but that I have written and will be directing. The short film will shine a light on events that happen in the world, and that’s all I will give for spoilers at this time. I have also started writing a show for YouTube in the hopes of showing off some of my comedic skills. I am actually a funny guy.

It can be difficult at times when it comes down to building yourself up. I need to always ensure I make the right choices and not just take on a job because it’s a paying role. I’ve had times where I’ve been to an audition, a casting for a “terrorist middle eastern looking actor” and during/after the audition I wasn’t really sure it was a role I wanted to take on. I had so many questions running through my mind like “would I be type cast after this?”, “will this role get my foot in the door?”. Ultimately, I didn’t get the role so those questions didn’t get a compete answer, but after that day someone told me “if you don’t do it someone else will” – Unknown.

So since then I don’t doubt anymore and say screw it. Take that chance, it’s a paying gig and just hope it doesn’t damage your branding.

Listen to my podcast below:-

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