The Paleo Actor 

I want to start off by saying I hate the word diet, the way I eat is a way of life not a diet. The choice of foods I eat is a little different to some people and might be controversial to others. I don’t eat wheat, I don’t consume dairy. In simple terms I follow a paleo-ish way of life. It’s the easiest way to put a label on it but its more than that and no I’m not bringing this up to convert anyone to some form of secret food cult! It just works for me and my body’s needs.

Eating fast foods now days is so easy that you don’t even need to leave your house to get it. I once got to a point where I was going to the gym and in doing so, I thought I could eat whatever I wanted. I couldn’t. I started developing problems, I became lactose intolerant, I found out I have an autoimmune disorder and I developed a fatty liver which is normally caused from drinking too much and I don’t drink at all now, it’s been almost 3 years. This was all in the span of a few months.

When I used to eat fast foods at night I would wake up the next day with the feeling of having a hang over, I used to get a headache all the time too, what I came to realise it was because of too much sugar.  I thought I was falling apart and not long after finding out all my issues, my sister found out about a similar problem with an auto immune disoder. We both looked into ways of preventing or at least prolonging some of the symptoms and that was opening new doors on health, benefits and recipes. When we started our journey we had no idea it was running along the lines of a paleo way, but it just turned out that way. I started to cut out wheat and dairy. No more fast food or highly processed food and I started to discover I had more energy, more life, I stopped getting headaches after cutting out a lot of sugar too. For so long I felt like I was old and falling apart and for someone in their 20’s that’s not right. I very quickly forgot how junk food tasted and stopped craving it altogether within a matter of weeks. I found myself enjoying good foods. Now my sister and I create new meals, mostly desserts from simple ingredients and I find myself really enjoy and craving new fresh and tasty meals.

For over a year now I’ve been reaping the benefits of eating this way with all the kale and quinoa (Which I actually love). I feel and look younger than I am. I also don’t stress about how I look as an actor. I definitely did lose weight which has been challenging for me at times considering I had some nice gains happening but that also made me train differently too. I actually do cardio now. I can lift more weight than I could when I was bigger and I haven’t been having any joint problems like I used to get. I feel better about myself as a person and it has put me into a good place in life and as an actor I feel comfortable looking at myself and confident.

When it comes to acting being healthy is important for me. I know my body really well now, I’m in tune with it and understand what it needs and doesn’t need to fuel it through what can be really long days on set. In understanding my body better, I feel it has made me better in the things I do, not that it has given me some sort of new superfood skills, I mean I can focus better when I have a task, I don’t run out of energy because I basically don’t stop eating. I feel like a well-oiled machine.

If anyone reading this would like to talk more about my journey or discuss recipes, feel free to email me through my website.

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