The supporting links

Being supportive to a creative person can be a hard thing for some. People don’t always know what to say or how to say it when you don’t book a job and that’s okay.   

I think it can be a real driving force for someone to have a good support system in place, be it friends, family and eventually fans (I love you guys). Even the non-conventional support of haters. If someone is hating on me, it means they’re talking about me, they’re putting my name out there to people who don’t even know me yet. It means I’m doing something they don’t like but it’s okay, not everyone will like what I have to say. As long as I can change one persons perspective through my creative skill then I’m happy.   

I come from a pretty large extended family, being of European heritage. It’s normal to have cousins that come in dozens, most of them are supportive, it’s nice to have. I won’t lie it can be tough at times when they don’t really understand the industry and constantly ask why I’m not famous yet. My response to a question like that is always “fame isn’t my goal, it’s just a cool byproduct of my goal”. My goal being to entertain and change someone’s life and make them feel something when I’m on the screen or stage.  

I do know of people not so supportive too. I was talking to an older man a few weeks ago who told me his son wanted to be an actor, but he wasn’t completely sure how he felt about it. He told me he was going to give his son 1 year to make it as an actor and if he didn’t, he would have to give it up and pursue another career, one that was more stable that can let him earn good money. I told him that putting a time limit on a creative career is impossible! We don’t know when we’re going to get noticed and sometimes we don’t even know when the next job is coming. It isn’t a normal path. I was hoping that I would get through to him and let his son have some more time. His son is still young so he has a lot of time to explore his career options. He saw and understood what I was saying but I don’t think he will budge on it for his son. He said it was fine for me though. Probably because I wasn’t his son.  

We can’t always expect people to understand the path we take. To be creative is its own beast that can’t be compared to a normal path. It’s always changing and is never the same for any two people. Take me for instance I’m writing this blog, something I never thought I would be doing but I want the world to know my thoughts and feelings about being creative and in doing so it is its own form of creativity. I’m hoping it will impact someone reading it and maybe even bring out a little of their support for creativity.   

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