Working that “normal job”

It’s sometimes hard to balance both lives. I’ve touched on this in other blogs but it’s time I talk about it in more detail. Trying to live a normal life and trying to make something of yourself creatively, is not as conventional as most people would think. You don’t just make one movie and become automatically rich and famous like we see on TV.  

In normal day to day life people go to a job interview, get the job and have a balanced routine and steady income, there is opportunity to move up in their given career whether in the same company or moving to a competing company to get ahead and reach a higher salary/position.   

Acting is a little different, your job interview is an audition, which you go to multiple times a year, and each audition is a different job opportunity. Each job can range from a single day on a commercial set to a few months on a feature film or play, then you’re back on the market looking for that next job. This is reality for me and most other actors starting out.   

For now having a casual job is how I pay my bills. I’ve had a few odd jobs before getting to this point in life, I’ve worked in the family business which gave me flexibility with auditions and I’ve worked as a brand ambassador for a number of years now (promo work). Being a brand ambassador was a happy little accident that I just fell into but I quickly realised almost everyone I was working with were also fellow actors. It’s like that bad joke in America that out of work actors are waiters, turns out in Australia we’re brand ambassadors!  

Promo work did have some advantages though, while we promoted products to the public it gave me a chance to network with other people in my industry who were also starting out. Most of the time it was fun but lately it’s been a bit slow on that front too so I deiced to look for something different and more stable. I’m about to start a new casual job that has more benefits for me to grow, it will also give me some flexibility but at the same time I’m worried, it’s a new and very large company, I find myself constantly asking questions in my mind like:-  

  • If I take time off to go to a single audition will that reflect badly on my work ethic? 
  • Will that cause me to get less shifts? 
  • Is this my safety net if acting doesn’t work out? 

And various other things along those lines. It’s a constant struggle. I have to keep reminding myself that this is what I do. This is who I am. I don’t get the luxury right now of being stable, I have to be as flexible as rubber to get things done. Plus, full disclosure, they knew full well when hiring me I’m an actor first. 

I came to the realisation after all this thinking that I just need to take it one day at a time and whatever obstacle comes my way as an actor I have to face it head on. I’m excited to start this new adventure and build myself and my brand. Being creative means I need to find creative outlets to get by. This blog is my creative outlet for now and I’m so glad you are following this journey with me. 


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