Sin of Thy brother

Finding people just as passionate about a project as you are can be challenging, but when you find those people it’s great to see what you can achieve together. 

This year I had the pleasure of working on this great little film called “Sins of Thy Brother”. It was a great opportunity and was written/directed by my good friend, Scott Sowter who also wrote and directed the award-winning Pillow Talk and was co stared by Patric Starr.  

This is a story of brotherly love as old as Kane and Abel. The film is a mix of modern gangster with a hint of a country western theme. The film follows two longtime friends Mills and Franklin whose friendship grew to be like brothers. A little of the back story is that they were involved with shady people growing up, eventually turning them into hitmen of sorts for the mob. Mills soon finds out that Franklin has snitched to the police in order to take down the mob from the inside. The Mob finds out and Mills volunteers to “take care” of Franklin and to prove he is still loyal. To find out more you’re going to have to see the film yourself, it has some excellent writing and a good script.   


I also got the chance to produce this film. Being my first producing role I definitely felt the pressure. It took us a few hours to film it but I had so much fun bringing the character of Mills to life that helping produce the film came naturally as I was invested.   

I finally had the chance to play someone serious, someone who had a deep back story rich in development and heavy on emotion. Till this film most of the work I have been doing after drama school has been for comedic roles, which I feel really comfortable in but I absolutely love deeply emotionally involved roles too. Those characters who are damaged and a little broken just draw me in like a tractor beam and ignite my passion for acting.  


The film is currently in the editing process but will be completed soon. I really look forward to having everyone see it and hopefully you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed help create it. Watch this space for an updated blog post about its launch date!



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