Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner

All my blogs to date have been mostly about overcoming hard situations of the creative life. This week I want to talk about some of the high times.

Booking that job.

It is instantly so gratifying knowing that someone is going to give you the opportunity to do what you do best and among other things, pay you for it.

Most of my jobs have been indie films, they’re always fun to do and it definitely sharpens the skills. What it doesn’t do is pay the bills. For an actor like myself it isn’t always easy but I’ve had a couple of paying roles. The most recent one being a shoot for a well-known online betting company.

Booking it was strange because it was a last-minute audition for a small part and I wasn’t exactly sure what it was about but I decided to go anyway. I went in and they got me to do a bunch of different things like pretend a chair was a horse and ride it. I was in there for a total of 2 minutes, I left knowing I had met a new casting director so at least that was a positive outcome. Next thing I know 8pm that night they called me telling me I booked that job, for the following morning.

The morning of the shoot I was so excited but I still had no idea what I was doing. everyone introduced themselves and then they threw me straight into wardrobe and makeup, I went through a few different outfits till we found the right one. Before I knew it, I was about to go on set. I still wasn’t fully aware of what my role was, I thought I was in a group scene with a few other guys that were there. Turns out I was way off the mark. I was the lead/hero of this production and I was to be riding a horse through a hotel. Thankfully it wasn’t a real horse, it was just a few planks of wood covered with foam, they spent some time getting the lighting right especially on the crutch area.

I jumped on that thing and ride it like I had just won a million dollars, we were all laughing having a good time (with my well-lit crutch) and I was singing Queen – we are the champions at the top of my lungs, not that I’m any good at singing.

We had a little break and they called over the heads of the company and I did not know they were going to be there so I was shitting myself at this point but that went away fairly quickly and I got back to enjoying myself riding that fake horse.

Before I knew it, I was finished, I had such a great day and it definitely didn’t feel like I was working at all but that gratification was still there and there’s nothing like getting to do something you love, getting paid is just a bonus.

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